The Growth Collection

Second Physical Art Collection from Ross Ulbricht

We at FreeRossDAO successfully won a blockchain-based auction of Ross’s “Genesis Collection.” 100% of the proceeds of that auction went to Ross Ulbricht’s legal defense trust, which is tasked with securing a Presidential pardon. To complete the funding necessary to mount this mission, Lyn Ulbricht was gifted more art that was auctioned at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami.

There are several new pieces of artwork in this collection, including an animation he hand created, that will was unveiled at the Conference in Miami, April 6-9th. These pieces were offered up for sale on the Scarce.City artwork marketplace, a site “that uses Bitcoin technology to sell Bitcoin goods for Bitcoin.”

FreeRossDAO won all but one piece of the collection (Human Blockchain, Series 1, Block 7), at the auction. Those pieces are showcased below.

Collection Pieces

These are the pieces of the Growh Collection that the DAO successfully won at auction. 100% of proceeds go to Ross' legal trust.